Aheye Kornnit Laosubinprasert (2005)

Aheye Kornnit Laosubinprasert (2005)

Other Name: อ๊ะอาย กรณิศ เล้าสุบินประเสริฐ Aheye Korranid Laosubinprasoet Aai Konnit Laosubinpraserit Аай Коннит Лаосубинпрасет

Age: 18

Birthday: June, 09, 2005

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Korranid Laosubinprasoet, nicknamed Aheye, is a Thai singer and actress. She started in the entertainment industry when she was just 7 years old, with two major stages: 'The Voice Kids: Thailand Season 2' and 'Super 10 Super Tiny' with the song 'The King of the Land.'' She won the hearts of the viewers and qualified for the finals.

Also in the acting world, she has a lot of work to do in the entertainment industry for fans to keep up with, including drama, series, drama, sitcoms and movies. Korranid's first drama is 'Yommaban Chao Kha', and the next work is the drama 'Cupid Tears', a sitcom or her role in the short film 'Type A' (part of 'ABABO').

Korranid is a member of the Thai girl group 4EVE since 2020, formed through the reality show Girl Group Star.

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