You Make Me Dance (Movie) (2021)

You Make Me Dance (Movie) (2021)

Other name: 유 메이크 미 댄스 (영화)


Song Shi On is a university student who is majoring in contemporary dance. After a serious row, he is thrown out of the family home and is left with an emotional wound. Shi On decides to pursue his ambition and ends up sharing a rooftop apartment with Jin Hong Seok, a cold but attentive man working as a debt collector for the lending firm Chachacha Capital after abandoning his dream of becoming a pianist.

As the duo forms a close bond, the affection of CEO Cha Soo Ryeon and the jealousy of senior student Jung Hun threaten to derail their fledgling love story.

Director: So Joon Moon [소준문]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: BL; Romance;

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