Takayuki Yamada in Tokyo-to Kita-ku Akabane (2015)

Takayuki Yamada in Tokyo-to Kita-ku Akabane (2015)

Other name: 山田孝之の東京都北区赤羽 Yamada Takayuki no Tokyoto Kitaku Akabane Yamada Takayuki no Tokyo-to Kita-ku Akabane


During the summer in 2014, popular actor Takayuki Yamada is filming his role in a new movie. During this time, he is having problems separating his character from his real self. Takayuki Yamada decides to read manga “Uhyo! Tokyo-to Kita-ku Akabane.” The manga depicts unique, real people living in the Akabane area of Tokyo. Takayuki Yamada is impressed with the manga. He also decides to go to Akabane to find himself.

Takayuki Yamada first contacts director Nobuhiro Yamashita and asks him to film him in Akabane. He then makes an appointment to meet manga writer Toru Seino (writer and main character in "Uhyo! Tokyo-to Kita-ku Akabane”) in Akabane. Takayuki Yamada goes on to meet other people from the manga and also interacts with his acting friends Gou Ayano, Kyosuke Yabe, director Hitoshi One, musician Kazuya Yoshii and others.

Original Network: TV Tokyo;

Director: Yamashita Nobuhiro [山下敦弘]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Biography; Drama;

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