Wow! Nice Figure (2019)

Wow! Nice Figure (2019)

Other name: 哎呀好身材第一季 哎呀好身材 第一季 哎呀好身材1 哎呀! 好身材 Ai Ya Hao Shen Cai 1 Ai Ya Hao Shen Cai Di Yi Ji Ai A Hou Gyun Choi Dai Yat Gwai Wow! Nice Figure 1 Wow! Nice Figure Season 1 My Happy Life 1 Oh! Good Figure Season 1 Oh! Good Body 1


The first live weight loss life observation reality show produced by Mango tv and Mi Wei video. Guests Zhang Tianai, Qiao Shan, Ling Yusu and Wang Ju joined forces to truly record the living conditions and eating habits of each guest. Sports habits, etc. The star himself will also observe and discuss it with the observers.

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2019

Genre: Reality Show;

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