Who s The Hero

Who s The Hero


When baby Tenson (Julian Cheung Chi-Lam) got abandonned in a casino, he was destined to lead a gambling life, As he grew up, he became an indulgent gambler. He grabbed all the saving of his foster parents and almost made his fiancee (Ada Choi) go into prostitution to pay his debts… He met a swindler who taught him cheating skills in gambling. Later, with the support of the widow of a casino tycoon, he became the man-in-charge of the casino. At this time, Jack (Gregory Wong), the widow’s son, fell in love with Tenson’s fiancee and he also found Tenson’s business threatening. He waited for an opportunity to fight back and to win over Tenson at the gambling table

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Drama;

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