Ugly Duckling : Pity Girl

Ugly Duckling : Pity Girl


This lakorn is a four part series. Ugly Duckling Series Part 1 : Perfect Match (Episodios: 9) Ugly Duckling Series Part 2 : Pity Girl After falling from a tree 6 months ago Alice now suffers having "goldfish memory". She's in fact so forgetful that she doesn't even remember her boyfriend breaking up with her 14 times already. Every time she wakes up she has once again forgotten everything besides Fuyu, who she calls her hero. But a new boy in school named Aston has now vowed to be Alice's own personal post it note to help her remember everything. Who will Alice end up choosing, her hero or her own personal post it note?

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Romance; Teen;

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