Tokyo Juliet (2006)

Tokyo Juliet (2006)

Other name: 東方茱麗葉 东方茱丽叶 東京ジュリエット Tung Fang Chu Li Yeh Dong Fang Zhu Li Ye Eastern Juliet Токийская Джульетта


While lost during a party, Lin Lai Sui (Ariel Lin) fortuitously meets a young boy who comforts her while she is scared. He compliments her hair while touching it, saying that it looks very long and dark, just like a doll. From then on, she thought of him as her first love and grew her hair out in hopes of meeting him again.

Lai Sui is an upcoming fashion designer who had her designs "Daisy", which she drew when she was 5 years old, stolen by Chu Xing (Simon Yam), a fashion 'genius'. Even though Chu Xing is a fashion genius, he still feels the need to steal designs from an up-and-coming designer. Sui believes this theft is the cause of her parents' separation, because her parents enjoyed role playing while wearing the "Daisy" dress. At the opening ceremony of her university, Bao Cheng Institute, she openly embarrasses and challenges Chu Xing, promising she will become a much more prominent designer than him and cause his downfall. Privately, Sui also vowed she would not fall in love until her promise is fulfilled. However, she soon changes her mind when she meets the attractive, flirty, kinky, and popular senior Ji Feng Liang (Wu Chun). To her dismay, she finds out that he is both Chu Xing's one and only son and the young boy she knew at that party! There are many surprises in store for Sui as she tries to outmaneuver Chu Xing's plans to ruin her while still striving to keep a steady relationship with Liang. Then again, in the world of fashion nothing is secure...

Episodes: 17

Original Network: GTV;

Director: Wang Ming Tai [王明台]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Romance;

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