Toho Nana Bun (Toho 7-fun)

Toho Nana Bun (Toho 7-fun)


Kurosaki Yoriko is 32. She has no boyfriend, no friends and no job. One day in July, she moves away from her family home in Shirokane, Tokyo, with the help of her younger sister, Miki. Yoriko starts to live alone a small apartment for the first time. But because she does not know what to do with her free time, she spends her days idly eavesdropping on the conversations of her neighbours who live next door – a divorcee with a very gaudy appearance and an unemployed man – through the wall. In the middle of this, a weird letter from “Tanaka Yasuo”, a stranger, is posted to Yoriko. Miki occasionally comes to visit, but is astonished by her sister’s lethargy. Then Yoriko visits Koichi, the ex-boyfriend she broke up with five years ago and whom she cannot forget, and cries in front of his home. However, she gets turned away. Yoriko continues to get letters from “Tanaka Yasuo” even after this. This is the story of the small incidents that occur within a 7-minute walking distance from Yoriko’s apartment.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy; Drama;

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