Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 (2018)

Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 (2018)

Other name: Thunderbolt Fantasy 東離劍遊紀2 サンダーボルトファンタジー トウリケンユウキツー Thunderbolt Fantasy: Toriken Yuki 2 Thunderbolt Fantasy Sword Seekers Season 2 Thunderbolt Fantasy Sword Seekers S2 Thunderbolt Fantasy Sword Seekers 2 Thunderbolt Fantasy Season 2 Thunderbolt Fantasy 2 Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers


Carrying the Sorcerous Sword Index, a treasure said to invite calamity, Shāng Bù Huàn continues to wander the land. After departing his birthplace of Xi Yu and arriving in Dōng Li, he found a brief respite before being discovered by his bitter enemy, Huò Shì Míng Huáng--and now, his life is once again in danger. From the distant west, countless bizarre killers with otherworldly powers assail him... until a strange bard clad in crimson arrives to help.

Original Network: Tokyo MX;

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2018

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Martial Arts; political; Swordsman; Wuxia;

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