The Second Woman

The Second Woman


Shawn Yue (Love in the Buff) is entangled in an enigmatic love triangle with Shu Qi and Shu Qi! The award-winning actress of Three Times serves up another breakthrough performance in her challenging multiple roles as a pair of twin sisters - and the characters they play in the story-within-the-story - in The Second Woman, the latest from independent writer-director Carol Lai (The Third Eye). Produced by renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Gordon Chan (Painted Skin), the erotically charged suspense thriller offers a complex and twisting tale of sibling rivalry and switched identities, which will keep audiences guessing until the very end.Huibao (Shu Qi) and boyfriend Nan (Shawn Yue) are busy rehearsing for their theatrical troupe's new play "The Legend of Lady Plum Blossom". She is under heavy pressure as the second female lead of the play, and she falls ill just before the crucial final show of the national tour. Surprisingly, she manages to deliver a career-best performance that night to the surprise of everyone. Turns out, however, that it was actually Huibao's identical twin sister Huixiang (Shu Qi) who secretly took her place on stage and won over the audience. That fills Huibao with jealousy and suspicion, as she begins to see her sister as a serious threat to her career and even her relationship with Nan. After a confrontation between the two sisters on the seaside one stormy night, Huixiang has mysteriously disappeared while Huibao has come back a different person...

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Drama; Romance; Thriller;

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