The Nine Rivers into the Sea (2012)

The Nine Rivers into the Sea (2012)

Other name: 九河入海 天津天津之九河入海 Jiu He Ru Hai Tianjin The Nine Rivers into the Sea Tianjin! Tianjin! The Nine Rivers into the Sea The Bloody Battle of the Black Dragon Желтая река впадает в море


"The Nine Rivers into the Sea" tells the heavy history of Tianjin from 1901 to 1949. Through the ups and downs of the three generations of the protagonists of the story-Haijia, Liujia and Tangjia, it vividly expresses the rugged character of Tianjin's people outside, rich, inside and harmonious. And the beautiful process of Tianjin gradually becoming the political and financial center of northern China of that era.

Original Network: CCTV;

Director: Lin Feng [林峰]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Drama; Family; Historical;

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