The Mysterious Family (2017)

The Mysterious Family (2017)

Other name: 神秘家族 Shen Mi Jia Zu The Mysteries Family Загадочная семья


Miao Miao was soaked in pain after suffering grave physical and mental hurt. Her life became a lifeless backwater. All she wanted was to live in peace and quiet, yet the murderer did not let her go, and even laid his evil hands over the whole family. Seeing her desperate mother, helpless brother and the cruel killing of her father right before her eyes, this weak girl wiped her tears and decided to fight back. But why did her efforts to save the family end in vain? She racked her brains, but could never change the results. As destiny played tricks upon her repeatedly, she was in profound agony.

Director: Park Yu Hwan

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Thriller;

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