Maybe We Broke Up (2023)

Maybe We Broke Up (2023)

Other name: 어쩌면 우린 헤어졌는지 모른다 왼쪽을 보는 남자, 오른쪽을 보는 여자 Eojjeomyeon Uri Heeojyeottneunji Moreunda Wonjjokeul Boneun Namja, Oreunjjokeul Boneun Yeoja Oenjjogeul Boneun Namja, Oleunjjogeul Boneun Yeoja The Man Who Sees the Left, the Woman Who Sees the Right Someone You Loved


Joon Ho and Ah Yeong have been best friends since college and now a couple living together. Ah Yeong is making the best of her situation, but she feels his boyfriend Joon Ho is wasting his life in excuse of preparing for an exam. They eventually break up and Joon Ho starts working in his friend's shop while Ah Yeong is busy working as realtor. Soon, both encounter a new relationship of their own.

Director: Hyeong Seul Woo [형슬우]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Romance;

Airs: Feb 08, 2023

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