The Lying Game

The Lying Game

Other name: 謊言遊戲 無謊不成真 無謊 Wu Huang No Lie The Games of Lies X Lies


Sun Zhen is an author, whose life hasn't been going so smoothly. Her novel which she has spent many years in writing didn't get approved by the publication office and she also got dismissed from her part-time job as a private tutor. That led her to not having any money to pay for her rent. Sun Zhen is someone who doesn't like following the trend, as she thinks it is very superficial. She has a younger brother Sun Ping that she has to take care of so although she dislikes the work by author X she still forged the identity of X. She later got unconsciously attracted by Xiao An, who works at the publication office. Sun Zhen has a boyfriend of 2 years Wei You Liang who is a news reporter. They were planning to get engaged and to him his girlfriend is his driving power in life. After Sun Zhen started to use X's identity their relationship went downhill. He didn't understand why Sun Zhen wanted to follow the shadows/footsteps of X but despite that he still couldn't let go of the relationship and start another.

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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