The Legend of Zu

The Legend of Zu

Other name: Shǔshān , 蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇 , The New Shushan Knight Errant Swordsman Biography , The Gods And Demons Of Zu Mountain , The Gods and Demons of Zu Mountain , The Legend of S


As the top famous and influential martial school in the political arena in China, Shushan School has played a dominant role for years. Zhuge Yuwo, the head of Shushan School, in order to protect the whole world, was fighting against the Honored person wearing embroidered green robes who attempts to rob the Red-ghost Stone, he put the Red-ghost stone into the talented guy Ding Yin’s body. Thus, Ding yin entered the Shushan School to learn and practice swordsmanship, swearing to be the top one with unique skill, and take revenge on the honored person wearing embroidered green robes for the sake of whole world. Suddenly, Ding Yin found Yu Wuxing, the daughter of the Honored person looks nearly the same as his dead wife, and fall in love with her. Meanwhile, the inner swordsmanship schools was turbulent below the surface, a martial art circle havoc was imminent. Ding Yin was allied with Dan Chenzi, Zhuge Ziying, Zhou Qingyun and his sworn brother Zhang, they had enduring all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, but did not expect to get into an intrigue which make the alliance broken. In order to save everyone, Ding Yin sacrifice himself and end up in ruin together with the honored person wearing embroidered green robes. Then Yu Wuxing felt inconsolable. In her despair, she wondered about and fulfil Ding Yin’s wish and benefit all the people. Dan Chenzi stayed alone in Shushan, and take the head position of Shushan School. All the other martial schools in the circle are waiting Shushan to have strong sense of justice, save the people, and help the weak.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Historical; Romance; Sci-fi;

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