The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal


The Grand Canal features popular stars now and then to celebrate TVB's 20th Anniversary in 1987. The story originates from well-known historical figures in China during the Sui Dynasty. The TV drama covers different historical events such as the peasant uprising leading to the downfall of the Sui Dynasty, the rise of the Tang Dynasty and the politics involved therein. Tony Leung and Felix Wong, two of the legendary "Five Tigers", led the cast, and this is one of the very few dramas in which Felix Wong plays the villain, Li Mi. The righteous and intelligent hero Zhang San-lang, played by Tony Leung, is exactly the opposite of the cunning and ambitious Li Mi. The two struggle with each other to offer TV fans an exciting 58-episode series! A lot of viewers also find the subplots alluring. Zhang San-lang (Tony Leung) falls in love with a princess (Idy Chan), while another girl (Cheng Yim Fung) is having a crush on him. The love relations among members of the side-cast also create great attraction. The strong casts, their wonderful chemistry, the beautiful costumes and sets, together with the impressive scenic views in Xi'an (the former capital of China) all won big applause from the audience. The TV series also features other famous artists such as Idy Chan, Margie Tsang, Sean Lau Ching Wan, Lawrence Ng, Chan Sau Chu, Liu Kai Chi, etc. Also starring Wong Yee Gum and Cheng Yim Fung who were the winners of the one-time Miss TV pageant.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 1987

Genre: Action; Drama; Historical; Martial Arts; Romance;

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