The Eye of the Dragon Princess (2020)

The Eye of the Dragon Princess (2020)

Other name: 龙无目 Long Wu Mu Dragon Without Eyes


What she thought was a beautiful start turns into a wretched fate because the love between a human and a god can never be.

Little dragon girl Hai Lan Zhu has the power to control the water as her tears can bring rain to the world. She comes to the mortal realm to complete the task of letting the rainfall. By chance, she meets Lu Hai Sheng at the temple of the dragon king as he is on a mission to solve a case. Hai Lan Zhu cleverly sticks to Lu Hai Sheng in order to stay by his side. However, her eyes which are a priceless treasure turns her into prey among the demon world.

Adapted from a collection of stories "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio" (聊齋誌異) by Pu Song Ling (蒲松齡).

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Demon; Fantasy; Historical; Romance; Supernatural;

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