The Bamboo Horse Falls into the Sky (2021)

The Bamboo Horse Falls into the Sky (2021)

Other name: 竹马其外天降其中 竹馬其外天降其中 Zhu Ma Qi Wai Tian Jiang Qi Zhong Juk Ma Gei Oi Tin Gong Gei Jung


Through the love story of Su Ran Ran, her story follows her journey on learning how to love and be loved, ultimately leading her onto the path on how to become a better version of herself under the unexpected confession of the exchange of souls between Zhuang Xu and Xu Qi Heng.

Director: Liu Gong Zi [刘公子]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Cold Man; Fantasy; Romance; Web Series;

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