The Age of Green Lady

The Age of Green Lady

Other name: 轻熟女时代 Light Mature Age


hou Kaiting has a boyfriend, Zeshan, who has been dating for eight years. For a long time, there has been no love between him and Kai Ting. Working hard to repair the rift between the two will only increase the distrust between the two parties. And stress. At this time, Zeshan fell in love with secretary Rou Xin, and finally Kai Ting broke up with him lonely. In a new product launch event, Kai Ting met Su Can unexpectedly, and made him a famous amateur makeup artist and the company's image spokesperson. Kai Ting and Su Can supported each other during the tough period

Director: Zhang Jia Xian [张佳贤]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Romance;

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