That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013)

That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013)

Other name: 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 Baramibunda Wind Blows in Winter That Winter The Wind Blows


Oh Seo, who was abandoned by his mother as a child and was raised by Park Jin Sung's family, is a notorious gambler in Cheongdam neighborhood. He is heartbroken and doesn't care about anybody following the death of his first love.

One day, his friend, who has the same name, dies unexpectedly and Seo is thrown in prison. A year later, Seo meets lawyer Jang Sung, who came looking for the deceased Oh Seo, the heir of PL Group. Seo uses this opportunity to con the last remaining heir of the PL Group, Oh Young, to pay his debt when gangster Jo Moo Cheol gives him 3 months to pay or he dies. However, Seo starts falling in love with the blind Oh Young, while pretending to be her deceased brother who was separated from her after their parent's divorce.

Director: Kim Kyoo Tae [김규태]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Drama; melodrama; Romance;

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