Tales of the Unusual (2000)

Tales of the Unusual (2000)

Other name: 世にも奇妙な物語 - 映画の特別編 よにもきみょうなものがたり えいがのとくべつへん Yo Nimo Kimyo Na Monogatari - Eiga No Tokubetsuhen


Tales of the Unusual: A four-part anthology in the spirit of The Twilight Zone, this film starts off with a group of commuters stranded at a train station in the rain, listening to stories told by one of the group. These include tales of a group stranded in the mountains and haunted by guilt over a death they inadvertently caused, an emotionally broken chessmaster pressed into playing a real-life game for an eccentric millionaire, a wandering medieval samurai who finds a modern-day cell phone on the ground and a person on the other end asking questions about the past, and a young couple who agree to try a computer simulation of what their future as husband and wife would be like.

Director: Hoshi Mamoru [星護] and Ogura Hisao [小椋久雄]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2000

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Horror; Romance; Suspense; Time Travel;

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