Super Junior: The Last Man Standing (2023)

Super Junior: The Last Man Standing (2023)

Other name: 슈퍼주니어: 더 라스트 맨 스탠딩 Syupeojunieo: Deo Raseuteu Maen Seutaending


Super Junior: The Last Man Standing captures the story of Super Junior's birth and debut, from the intense trainee days, through the beginning of the large project group 'Super Junior 05' that has never been seen before, to today.

In addition, the members of Super Junior, who are heading towards the 20th anniversary of their debut, will honestly reveal their true and inner feelings that they have never brought out to the world, revealing their days of growing up together in joy, pain, happiness, and despair.

In particular, through the growth story of Super Junior, the global representative of Korean idols, both in name and reality, you can get a glimpse of the K-Pop industry.

Original Network: Disney Plus;

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Documentary; Musical;

Airs: Jan 18, 2023

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