Sunny Happiness

Sunny Happiness

Other name: 幸福最晴天 Happiness is like a Sunny Day The Sunniest Day of Happiness Sunshine Day


Xiang Yun Jie is rich man who was once divorced, and unknowingly had an eight year old son. He is also a young owner of a hotel. Fang Yong Yong is an orphan. She works as a housekeeper in the hotel that Xiang Yun Jie owns. The two of them started their fairytale like love story from a 'fake marriage'. Xiang Yun Jie's brother, Xiang Yun Chao, is always hiding in the shadow, he is also the one who completes the love triangle.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2011

Genre: Drama; Family;

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