Sumairu Seiya no Kiseki

Sumairu Seiya no Kiseki


After sustaining a career-ending injury, tap dancer, Shuhei Sano (Mirai Moriyama), arrives in Japan's snow-bound, northern island of Hokkaido with hopes of marrying his longtime girlfriend and figure skating instructor, Shizuka (Rosa Kato). But his plan quickly runs afoul on Shizuka's father, a local business magnate and ice rink owner, who is not ready to relinquish his daughter. Without good reason to deny the couple, however, the father reluctantly agrees to give his blessing if Shuhei can coach a local junior ice hockey team to their next victory. Despite having no prior knowledge of the game nor any skating experience, Shuhei accepts, unaware that the team has NEVER won a single game. The"Smilers", as they seem unfittingly named, are a handful of self-proclaimed"losers","misfits" and"rejects" from other teams. More than talent, they lack any semblance of teamwork, motivation and confidence. But to everybody's surprise, Shuhei proves himself ready for them, employing an odd mix of child psychology, genuine concern and a few ingenious tricks to get the team to play to their potential and win!. Flabbergasted, Shizuka's father ups the ante by making his daughter's hand conditional upon winning the regional tournament − a goal that will require nothing short of a miracle given the near invincibility of the defending champions − a slick, well-financed hockey team run by a megalomaniac. Just as Shuhei's magic and the team's hopes begin to wear thin, a beautiful young figure skater idolized by everyone at the rink becomes hospitalized with a terminal illness. With her chances of recovery as slim as the team's tournament victory, suddenly, the team has its battle cry. But will it be enough?

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Drama;

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