Suddenly This Summer (2018)

Suddenly This Summer (2018)

Other name: 忽而今夏 Hu Er Jin Xia Suddenly, This Summer The Words of Love Неожиданное лето


He Luo is a sports student, usually ranked at the bottom of her class during high school and was often nitpicked by the director for her low scores and lack of enthusiasm in her academics. Fed up with it all, He Luo announces she'd go to college and aim for Hua Qing - the country's top university. With the help of her classmate Zhang Yuan, He Luo started intensive preparations for gaokao, gradually improves her scores and surprises all of the people in their high school.

When He Luo’s friends find their own love, He Luo and Zhang Yuan finally open up about their true feelings. They agree to apply for the same university, however, Zhang Yuan fails to get in. From being in two different classes in the same school, they end up going to different universities in two different cities, and later even different countries, each making their own experiences while growing up. What will become of these two in the end?

Adapted from the novel "Suddenly, This Summer" (忽而今夏) by Ming Qian Yu Hou (明前雨后).

Director: Lu Ying [吕赢]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Friendship; life; Novel; Romance; School; Youth;

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