Scoop Yugun Kisha Fuse Kyoichi

Scoop Yugun Kisha Fuse Kyoichi


Fuse Kyoichi (Kamikawa Takaya) is a reporter who belongs to the news bureau of TBN TV. A roving reporter with no specific beat, he makes fullest use of this position and has scored numerous scoops with his distinctive interviews. Fuse obtains evidence linking the suicide of a construction company’s head of department to the illegal donation scandal of Yamanobe Tetsuo (Ono Takehiko), the secretary general of the ruling party, and confronts Yamanobe himself. However, despite having proof that the other media outlets do not have, he ends up handing the evidence over to Mochida Yutaka (Shoji Tomoharu) of Toa Shimbun just because he does not want it on television. This comes to the attention of other outlets. The bureau editor Hatoyama Akio (Fukikoshi Mitsuru) and bureau chief Yui Taro (Otomo Kohei) are naturally outraged. But Fuse is completely indifferent. Then the news bureau gets information that the actress Sawano Reiko (Shibuya Aki) is involved in a traffic accident. Reiko is an actress who attracts the entertainment media and there had also been rumours of her affair with a movie director called Sakaki who is now deceased. Fuse was the one who exposed this grand passion. When he arrives at the hospital, entertainment reporters have already gathered. Shimazaki Rokuro (Aijima Kazuyuki) is also there. Once he finds Reiko’s mother, Kaede (Lily), he aggressively seeks her comments. Fuse stands up for her and gets her into the safety of the hospital. However, Reiko passes away despite surgery. Fuse has no words to offer Kaede who is bereaved by the sudden loss of her daughter. Kaede soon calms down and tells him about a strange message that she received from Reiko right before the accident. It said, “I want to meet Sakaki. I greatly regret our breakup.” Why did Reiko, who has recovered from the shock of Sakaki’s death and been cheerful lately, suddenly express her desire to meet Sakaki. After returning to TBN TV, something occurs to him from his conversation with Kayama Eriko (Natsuna), who has become the new caster of TBN’s News 11. He heads to the bar where Kuroda Yusuke (Matsushige Yutaka), a Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department detective is at, with the intention of trading information regarding Reiko’s accident for information on Yamanobe. However, the television at the bar is shows Shimazaki reporting the contents of the message that Reiko sent to her mother on another network’s news programme. How did Shimazaki obtain a message that only Reiko’s mother and Fuse knew about? A connection between these two seemingly unrelated cases is revealed … …

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy; Mystery;

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