Roosevelt Game

Roosevelt Game


The Aoshima Company is a precision machine maker, located in the suburbs of Tokyo. The company is a medium sized corporation. The have a conference once every week to report achievements made and the prospects for the company. At the conference, President Takashi Hosokawa (Toshiaki Karasawa) gives a menacing look, while executives shout at each other. After President Takashi took his job, the economy significantly worsened due to a financial sector slump. The Aoshima Company suffered because of this and faces difficulties. President Takashi then tells executives to abolish the baseball team. The executives are shocked. President Takashi informs the executives that he has heard the bank may cancel their loan from the next session. To show the bank that they are trying to improve their situation he has decided to cancel the baseball team. The baseball team needs 300 million yen to exist. Their baseball team was once well regarded, but they re now a burden to the company. President Takashi must persuade the Chairman and Founder of the company Tsuyoshi Aoshima (Tsutomu Yamazaki) before he can abolish the baseball team. He goes to talk with Chairman Tsuyoshi. The Chairman asks President Takashi “do you have  'ism' as a company president? If you want to fire people, you need to have 'ism' as a company president." President Takashi tells him that he doesn't have 'ism' right now, but no matter what he will protect the Aoshima Company. That is his 'ism.' A bigger crisis ensues.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama;

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