Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui (2022)

Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui (2022)

Other name: 霊媒探偵・城塚翡翠 Medium 霊媒探偵城塚翡翠 Medium Detective Hisui Jozuka Medium Detective Hisui Jouzuka Medium: Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui Medium: Reibai Tantei Jouzuka Hisui


Jozuka Hisui has a special ability that allows her to identify people who committed murder and she can hear spirits. She can’t tell the police, because they would not believe her. Her special ability also couldn't be used as legal evidence. She leads a lonely life due to her special ability. Jozuka Hisui meets mystery writer Kozuki Shiro, who helps the police to solve cases. Jozuka Hisui and Kozuki Shiro work together to solve cases.

Adapted from the novel "Medium: Reibai Tantei Jozuka Hisui" (medium 霊媒探偵城塚翡翠) by Aizawa Sako (相沢沙呼).

Original Network: NTV;

Director: Sugawara Shintaro [菅原伸太郎] and Nagumo Seiichi [南雲聖一]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Detective; Fantasy; Investigation; Miniseries; Mystery; Novel; Supernatural;

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