Project 17: Side By Side (2019)

Project 17: Side By Side (2019)

Other name: 极限17: 羽你同行 極限17羽你同行 极限17羽你同行 Jixian 17 Limit 17 Project S Project S The Series Project S: The Series Project S: Side by Side Project 17: Side By Side Side by Side Project 17: Never Stand Still Никогда не останавливайся: Бок о бок


A touching coming-of-age story about family is told through the eyes of an autistic teen and his younger brother.

Ping An (Leon Leong) is an autistic teenager who gains recognition for being a badminton prodigy. Zihao (Zhu Zijie) is his younger brother and a fellow badminton player. Xiao Na (Yang Chaoyue) is a bright and cheery young woman who helps out at her grandpa's badminton court for the summer. She gets close to both brothers and becomes attracted to Zihao. However, their journey is not as smooth-sailing as they'd hope and the two brothers are pushed to a difficult crossroad.

A remake of Thai youth sports series Project S The Series: Side by Side.

Original Network: Youku;

Director: Chiang Hsiu Chiung [姜秀琼]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Drama; Family; melodrama; School; Sports; Youth;

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