Princess at Large 2 (2020)

Princess at Large 2 (2020)

Other name: 医妃难囚II 醫妃難囚II 醫妃難囚第二季 医妃难囚 第二季 Yi Fei Nan Qiu Princess at Large Season 2 Princess at Large S2 Принцесса на свободе 2


The continuation of the first season of Princess At Large, Ji Xian Yu comes back from the dead and returns to the Crown Prince Qi Lian Xiao’s side. Only this time, she has Lan Ruo Xi’s appearance. In order to get close to him and to get him to recognize her, Lan Ruo Xi becomes the Emperor’s medical officer with her superb medical skills. But, due to the loss of his wife, Lian Xiao has changed and he continues to hide from Ruo Xi’s good intentions. Finally, with the efforts of Ruo Xi and her friends, Lian Xiao comes to believe that Ruo Xi is Ji Xian Yu and they’re able to reconcile. But, with war looming from the enemy, will he choose love or his country?

Original Network: iQiyi;

Director: Li Shuang Wu [李雙武]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Historical; Medical; Romance; Time Travel; Web Series;

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