Once Given, Never Forgotten (2021)

Once Given, Never Forgotten (2021)

Other name: 你的名字我的姓氏 Your Name, My Surname Your Name and My Last Name


Blind and lonely Lian Xin gets to know volunteer Luo Ting and her lover Xiang Yu. In an accident, Luo Ting passed away, and the 10-year-old saw the world with Luo Ting's cornea. Since then, Luo Ting's eyes have become a tie between Lian Xin and Xiang Yu Qiu, making him an indispensable part of her growth.

When she was 18, Xiang Yu Qiu accompanied her to Spain to study, where a friendship grew between them. However, Lianxin finally found out that her dependence on Xiang Yu had evolved into love, and pursued him in desperation. She never thought that her single-mindedness will become the deadly poison of Xiang Yu Qiu when he thought he had not forgotten Luo Ting, pushing him to a desperate situation...

After 5 years, they met again. He is now a furniture designer and she is the creator of a fashion shopping platform. The years did not erase the reliance between them and Xiang Yu Qiu finally realize the one he could not forget, is Lian Xin. At this time, Lian Xin's past also resurfaced. The terrible thing is that she inherited her father's Alzheimer's disease and will eventually lose all her memories.

And so, Lian Xin, together with her childhood friend who had always harbored a secret love for her, left for Spain. When Xiang Qiu Ye knew about it, he chased them to all the spots that held the memories he had shared with Lian Xin and finally found his destined in Switzerland.

Original Network: Tencent Video; iQiyi;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Romance;

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