Officer Geomancer

Officer Geomancer


Sit Dan Yan (Johnson Lee) seems like an ordinary police officer at first glance, but he secretly holds a special talent in solving the trickiest cases. Taking after his grandfather, Dan Yan inherits the talent in metaphysics and is able to gain answers to murder cases at the most critical moments. As well, Dan Yan has the help of good friend, Leung Sing Kau (Oscar Leung) – a talented individual who has sources in both the police and triad worlds. Together with his boss, Che Gui Fei (Joey Meng), who has an educational background in criminal psychology, the trio makes a highly compatible team in the law enforcement world. While Gui Fei is an outstanding leader at work, she is also a very strict yet caring sister to Che Gui Mei (Harriet Yeung 楊詩敏) and Che Gui Kwan (Fred Cheng 鄭俊弘). Constantly worried about her younger siblings’ well being, Gui Fei enlists Dan Yun’s help in breaking up the love triangle between Gui Mei, Sing Kau, and Ti Leung Chi (Rebecca Zhu). Unfortunately, while Gui Fei is focused on helping her sister, a series of abductions occur in the city. However, the kidnapping case brings back unwanted memories for Dan Yun, who recalls a similar case with the same modus operandi from his past.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Action; Romance; Sci-fi; Crime;

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