Nine Kingdoms in Feathered Chaos: The Love Story (2021)

Nine Kingdoms in Feathered Chaos: The Love Story (2021)

Other name: 九州羽乱·相思劫 九州羽亂·相思劫 Jiu Zhou Yu Luan Xiang Si Jie Suffering Of Love Novoland: Suffering of Love Перо девяти островов


In the turmoils of Novoland, six different tribes coexist. Among them, the powerful Winged tribe upholds an absolute ban that forbids to marry a person from any other tribe. Anyone who violates this rule will be condemn to eternal torment.

Chu Qi is a young maid of the Human tribe, who, in order to find a cure for her master, ventures in the forbidden region of the Winged tribe. There she happens to meet Feng Liang Qian, a member of the Winged tribe that has been exiled for having fallen in love with a human girl.

Adapted from the novel "Jiu Zhou Yu Luan" (九州羽乱) by Tang Que (唐缺).

Director: Chen Wei Qin [陈未衾]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Fantasy; Historical; Novel; Resurrection; Romance;

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