Nang Barb (2016)

Nang Barb (2016)

Other name: นางบาป Nang Barp The Sin Woman


Tongruam lives in a household where everyone in her family takes advantage of her. Her stepfather is often trying to sexually assault her. Her sister is jealous of her and often uses her. Nakarin is a wealthy man who married because of familial duties. However, he refuses to touch his wife and leaves her on a pedestal that she much belongs. He meets Tongruam a woman he becomes interested in and often propositions her to become his mistress. Tongruam who is high on her dignity, decides to give in when the price is saving her neighbors and their much beloved neighborhood. However, she is labelled a woman of sin. Will Tongruam ever find happiness with this billionaire casanova?

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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