Mystery Hunter Notes

Mystery Hunter Notes


Hong Kong stars Jordan Chan and Yuen Wah headline the hit China-Russia television co-production Mystery Hunters Notes! Part National Treasure and part The Da Vinci Code, this Eastern tale of international treasure hunting gets an extra dimension of fantastical Chinese kung fu, giving it such a strong appeal that it becomes the first Chinese TV series to be aired prime-time in Europe. Shot on location in China, Russia, and France, the big-budget action thriller series features an ensemble of Russian and Chinese actors in addition to a handful of celebrity cameos, such as singer Vitas (Mulan). There's no shortage of talents behind the scenes either, with Secret History of Kangxi director You Xiaogang at the helm, Yuen Bun on action choreography, and Oscar-winning composer Su Cong (The Last Emperor) on the music score. The exhilarating story revolves around the Russian legend that the manuscript of A Hunter's Notes by the great 19th-century Russian writer Ivan Turgenev supposedly hides a secret map to a mountain of treasure. Now the manuscript is being delivered from France to Russia for an exhibition, and criminals from everywhere are coveting it. In the meantime, Li Daniu (Jordan Chan), a good-natured Chinese acrobat savvy in Wudang kung fu and endowed with telekinetic powers, is deceived into helping a mysterious figure in "borrowing" the manuscript...

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: action; crime; drama; mystery; thriller;

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