My Wife is a Gangste

My Wife is a Gangste


On a rooftop in the middle of a thick urban forest of skyscrapers, the Mantis gang, living legends of the underworld, is engaged in a bloody battle with rival gang members. When things are looking very bad for the Mantis gang, a deafening roar announces the arrival of a helicopter overhead. It's Cha Eun-jin, the woman who conquered the male-dominated realm with only a pair of her lethal scissors. However, Eun-jin is attacked by an opponent and falls off the rooftop. She survives but sustains serious head injuries and remembers nothing of her past. She is discovered by Jae-chul (Park Joon-kyu), a Chinese restaurant cook, and ends up devliering food on a scooter for "Fusion Chinese Restaurant Shu." Having forgotten that she was a born fighter, Eun-jin lives a peaceful life while various men like "Moneylender Koh" (Joo Hyon) and "Girllove" (Lee Won-jong) vie for her affections. By chance, she thwarts a bank robbery and is honored with a "Brave Citizen Award." Unfortunately, this reveals her whereabouts to the White Sharks, who have been eagerly waiting for their chance for revenge. They team up with some loan sharks who have been looking to develop the marketplace area to back Eun-jin into a corner. She has no alternative but to risk her life once again in a bloody war with her sworn enemies.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2001

Genre: Action; Comedy; Gangster;

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