My Ahjussi Kkon Dae Hee (2021)

My Ahjussi Kkon Dae Hee (2021)

Other name: 나의 아저씨 꼰대희 My Mister Kkon Daehee My Ahjussi Kkondaehee My Uncle Kkon Daehee


"I'm not even 60 yet! "Just call me an ahjussi." 58-year-old oldest, Dae Hee. It's been a long time since his wife Bong Seon and son Dong Min came home, and no one contacted him even on his birthday. Then came a phone call out of nowhere from his son. "Dad, I lost all my money". It can't end like this. He starts to get work as a part timer, he meets Sim Chung, a young kkondae in her 20s, and learns life well once again. Kkondaehee, who still wants to love and to be loved, this is his happiness finding project! A web drama, featuring alter ego of comedian Kim Dae Hee, 'Kkon Dae Hee', other comedians and Weeekly's Lee Soo Jin!

Original Network: Naver TV Cast;

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Comedy; life; Web Series;

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