The story revolves around Sakuraba Yuichiro (Nagase Tomoya) who is a famous singer in Japan. Voted as the sexiest man in Japan, little that his fans know that apart from his cool style and glamourous life, Yuichiro is actually an eccentric, a happy go lucky kind of person. This drama is about an artist who are living two kind of personality; cool, extremely famous and handsome singer, while on the other hand, he is just an eccentric, happy go lucky guy with a pair of spectacles and a track suit as his main clothes (which is the total opposite of the cool personality). He falls in love with Ishihara Minami (Sakai Noriko) and moves to live together with her family members after their marriage. While trying his best to fit into his new environment, he has to bear with all the family problems and also problems arising from keeping his marriage as a secret from his fans as well as being scared of being exposed by the family members.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2003

Genre: Family;

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