Motokare Retry (2022)

Motokare Retry (2022)

Other name: モトカレ←リトライ Motokare ← Ritorai Motokare Ritorai Ex-boyfriend Retry Motokare ← Retry


Mitsu became a college student while dragging along the trauma of her first boyfriend and a broken heart in her years back in junior high school. She was thinking about going to college and finding a new love, but the person in the room next to hers is, Kaede, her ex-boyfriend! It had been 5 years and he has become sophisticated and grown-up, but his gentle smile has not changed.

Mitsu wants to forget her old love and enjoy university life, but she finds herself trapped between her grown-up ex-boyfriend and her best friend.

Adapted from the manga "Motokare Retry" (モトカレ←リトライ) by Hanaya En (華谷艶).

Original Network: MBS;

Director: Ikeda Chihiro [池田千尋]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Miniseries; Neighbours; Romance;

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