Mitsu no Machi no Monogatari SP (2015)

Mitsu no Machi no Monogatari SP (2015)

Other name: 3つの街の物語 3つのまちのものがたり 三個城市物語 三个城市的物语 세 도시 이야기 3 Tsu no Machi no Monogatari Mitsu no Machi no Monogatari 3 Town Stories


Story 1: Chichi to Ko

Synopsis: Toho Akihiro (Ishimaru Kanji) opposed his boss and resigned from the large consulting firm he had been working for. His father, Hideo (Takahashi Gentaro), is the owner of a convenience store in the countryside. It is his daily routine to talk to regular customers and he also gets along well with his staff. Because business has been poor, he seeks his son’s help. Akihiro comes to revamp the store by making use of his experience as a consultant. At first, sales increases, but father and son clash over the complete change in management policy which disregards regular customers. Then Hideo collapses and Akihiro works the night shift. He is confronted with an electricity disruption around the store due to a downpour. He realises something that his father had prized above running the store while under pressure to deal with the situation.

Cast: Ishimaru Kanji, Takahashi Gentaro

Story 2: Daifuku Obasan

Synopsis: Igarashi Satomi (Yoshida Yo) has been absent from part-time work at a convenience store for about two months because she has had to take care her mother who had fallen sick. Right after her return, she is informed that an elderly lady (Matsubara Chieko) had been coming to the store daily since a month ago and constantly picked on the staff. The lady is an ordinary customer whom Satomi had occasionally seen before, but she does not understand the reason for her becoming a complainer. Satomi recalls some incident from the woman’s daily visit to the store to purchase daifuku, and decides to go to her house in order to talk to her personally. She learns new facts from her conversation with the lady … …

Cast: Yoshida Yo, Matsubara Chieko

Story 3: 10.30 pm no Jousei Kyaku

Synopsis: Inubushi Kazuma (Mizobata Junpei) works the night-shift at a convenience store. He dreams of becoming a photographer and had been an assistant for a famous photographer, but could not tolerate the hardships of training and stopped going to work one month ago. Kazuma fancies a customer Oikawa Chihiro (Kojima Haruna), who always comes to the store at the same time every night to buy cafe latte. He accidentally learns that her dream is to become a designer. As he hears this, he enthusiastically talks about his own dream despite giving up on it. At some point, Kazuma eventually vents his feelings of depression to Chihiro. This would kick off their future in a big way.

Original Network: TBS;

Director: Tanaka Kenta [田中健太]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; Friendship;

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