Man on High Heels (2014)

Man on High Heels (2014)

Other name: 하이힐 Haiheel Haihil Highheel High Heels High Heel


Ji Wook is a cold-blooded detective who would brutally assault and stop at nothing to catch criminals. However, despite looking masculine, Ji Wook struggles with a secret desire to be a woman. When at last, Ji Wook decides to undergo a sex change, a gang, the detective had brutally arrested by force, plots revenge.

After resigning and secretly dreaming of physically transforming into a woman, people close to Ji Wook get caught up in a conspiracy and killed. When the one person Ji Wook must protect, Jang Mi, also falls in danger, a choice must be made.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Action; BL; Crime; Detective; Drama; Mafia; Murder; Noir; Revenge;

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