Lucky Touch

Lucky Touch

Other name: 我愛幸運七 I Love Lucky 7 Love Touch


Liao Yong Qi (Dou Hua Mei), an advertising firm AE (Accounting Executive), is born in Xi Luo Qi Kan (a place renowned for different sects of kung fu).

Her stubborn father (Li Wang Luo) always wishes for her to go back to her hometown to inherit the martial arts centre, and to promote the "Golden Eagle Fist".

Liao Yong Qi is unlucky by nature, and there is no one day which her luck is good, and her life is "..."

But when she meets him who is naturally lucky, He Shao Ran (Calvin Chen), the two of them exchanged "luck"!

Let us follow Liao Yong Qi, and witness our own lucky seven in our lives!

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Drama; Family; life; Romance;

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