Love Without Distance

Love Without Distance


Tyrant Chen (Francis Ng) is a struggle through the ups and downs, we have been successful fur traders, when he decided with his girlfriend Zhao Xiaowei (Yaoxing Tong ornaments) married, but was told that the hospital terminally ill, he Wei hide the disease and to start thinking about yourself life. Tyrant Chen in order to complete his dying wish, alone came to Italy. He feels that he must do something before his death shocked the world event, be sure to let your own business famous, but different cultural background makes Tyrant Chen abroad a series of misunderstandings and uproarious joke …… This time, Wei has found out, catch up with Italy find Tyrant Chen told him that his terminal illness is misdiagnosed! Chen Tyrant during this period of life has changed dramatically: the company faced bankruptcy, friends framed. Chen Tyrant turmoil in life reborn, the final harvest a beautiful love and sincere friendship relatives and friends.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy;

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