Lofty Waters Verdant Bow

Lofty Waters Verdant Bow


Following his late teacher’s passing, Jin Shiyi (Raymond Lam) leaves Snake Island for the Central Plains in search of Mang Shan Sect’s Lü Si Niang (Bai Yin) to pass her a letter and to request her help in purging the poison in his body. Upon his arrival in the Central Plains, the innocent Shiyi becomes an unwilling participant in the tumultuous world of martial arts and battles. Because of the ragged clothes he is wearing, Shiyi is mistaken for a member of the Beggar's Sect and is dragged into their battles with the Shaolin Monks. There, he meets Li Shengnan (Michelle Ye), an assassin sent by the Emperor’s lackey Simen Muyi to break up the unity between the sects, and Gu Zhihua (Rain Li), Lü Si Niang’s disciple. Lü Si Niang dies in her attempt to save Shiyi, leaving Mang Shan Sect to believe Shiyi is the murderer. Disillusioned by the turn of events, Zhihua joins Shiyi in his wanders. Shengnan, dedicated to seek revenge against Shiyi, joins them but unwittingly falls in love with Shiyi. Sensing the attraction between Zhihua and Shiyi, Shengnan continually harasses and creates problems for Zhihua. They arrive at Volcano Island to obtain a precious martial arts manual but Zhihua is captured by the highly-skilled Meng Shen Tong, who manages to grab half of the manual and master the demonic gongfu. Shiyi and Shengnan pursue them back to the Central Plains, only to find the martial arts world in chaos. They wait for their chance to save the sect leaders and rid the world of Meng Shen Tong and Simen Muyi…

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2002

Genre: Action; Drama; Romance;

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