Former police officer Terahara Ken (Omori Nao) works for a private security firm. He is suddenly summoned back to Japan while on duty in Taiwan and ordered to protect Matsuoka Takanori (Takeda Tetsuya), the secretary general of the Democratic Party. On the other hand, public prosecutor Sakurai Satoko (Kuroki Hitomi), who was transferred to the Kochi District Public Prosecutors Office for a previous whistle-blowing incident, returns to the Special Investigation Department of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office in a reshuffle by her former superior for the purpose of indicting a big shot. In the midst of this, a branch office of Tokyo’s Aoba Shinkin Bank is blown up and the bank’s armoured truck is attacked. The bomber who has set the events in motion is a young man called Aoyagi Tomoya (Seto Koji). This incident creates a link between Terahara, Matsuoka, Satoko and Ishikawa Aki (Tanaka Rena) who works at Aoba Shinkin Bank. After that, this link unexpectedly starts to extend to include Takashima Shoichi (Tamayama Tetsuji), a Hokkaido junior high school teacher; Kawamoto Rie (Mimura), a Tokyo nurse; Sawada Tsutomu (Tanaka Naoki), an Osaka apparel company employee; and Sean (Ayano Go), an IT company president.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Crime;

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