Life: Untitled (2019)

Life: Untitled (2019)

Other name: タイトル、拒絶 Title: Kyozetsu Taitoru, Kyozetsu


Despite her great credentials, Kanou begins work at a well-paid escort service, but on the first day, she runs from a client and is reassigned to menial work. Crazy Bunny Escort is on the 4th floor of a villa building. Kanou witnesses the various faces of supervisor Yamashita and the kind Hagio, driver Ryota, the women waiting for calls in the space she manages, Chika who quietly writes down things in her notebook, and Mahiru, who hides all her rage and emotional baggage behind her smile. Kanou soon feels a sense of fear and despair.

Director: Yamada Kana [山田佳奈]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Drama;

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