Legend of Lord of Heaven (2019)

Legend of Lord of Heaven (2019)

Other name: 天乩之天帝传说 天乩之天帝傳說 天乩之白蛇后传 天乩之白蛇後傳 天乩白蛇後傳之拯救天帝 天乩白蛇后传之拯救天帝 Tian Ji Zhi Bai She Hou Chuan Tian Ji Zhi Bai She Hou Zhuan Tian Ji Zhi Tian Di Chuan Shuo Heaven Divine The Legend of White Snake Судьба небесного владыки Белая змея: Эпилог


At the birthday banquet, the emperor asked to travel the world. The immortals were unable to resist, but in order to ensure world order, they removed all of the Heaven Emperor's mana and succeeded with the Three Kingdoms Lower Stone Realm. The descendant emperor was sent to the government for destroying the statue. The emperor was punished in the temple, but he had a good impression of the fox girl who came to Shangxiang. The fox tricks the emperor to the brothel, and the demon emperor turns into an old bustard and steals the Stone of the Three Kingdoms, to kill the emperor. At this time, Xu Mengjiao led a team to investigate the case, and the two green and white snakes that received the report also ran towards the savior.

Director: Peng Yu Si [彭禺厶] and Yang Xiao [杨虓]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Action; Comedy; Fantasy; Historical; Martial Arts; Mythology; Romance;

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