Last Man: Zenmo no Sosakan (2023)

Last Man: Zenmo no Sosakan (2023)

Other name: ラストマン-全盲の捜査官- Last Man: Zenmou no Sousakan The Last Man: The Blind Profiler Last Man: Blind Investigator


Minami Hiromi is an FBI agent visiting Japan from the US for a limited time. Minami lost his sight due to an accident in the past and he is called the "last man" in the FBI, referring him as the last trump card to end a case with his strong sense of analysis, smell, and touch. Godo Shintaro has been assigned to attend to Minami. From a family that has served as the Commissioner of the National Police Agency for generations, Godo has an extraordinary sense of justice and is willing to go any lengths to catch the criminals. Minami, who is always ready to ask for help, and Godo, who has never trusted anyone except himself, become a duo and work together to solve cases.

Original Network: TBS;

Director: Doi Nobuhiro [土井裕泰], Ishii Yasuharu [石井康晴], Hirano Shunichi [平野俊一]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Detective; Investigation; Miniseries; Mystery;

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