Kusari ~ Onna Keiji Otomichi Takako

Kusari ~ Onna Keiji Otomichi Takako


Otomichi Takako (Koike Eiko) is a strong-minded detective. She joins in the investigation of the murder of a fortune teller’s entire family as a member of its mobile investigation unit. Although Takako is a female, she is the type of person who likes to win and will rush to a crime scene immediately when there is a case so that she will be assigned to the mobile investigation unit which conducts the initial investigations. But Hoshino Hideo (Abe Tsuyoshi), the detective partnered with her, is known for being a skirt chaser. When Takako curtly rejects his advances, she is abruptly treated indifferently. He also reports an important clue that she had found as his own achievement. This makes Takako shake with anger. To make matters worse, Hoshino orders Takako to act alone in a violation of rules. She has no choice but to do legwork on her own. As chance would have it, Takako locates the new address of men who are believed to be a gang of criminals and heads to the house. During the investigation, Nakata Kaeko (Nishida Naomi), a housewife who was a victim in a previous bag-snatching case, appears. Takako knows her. Kaeko is going through a hard time. She has to care for her elderly father, but is also the sole breadwinner instead of her unemployed husband, juggling two jobs as a nurse and part-time employee at a bar while raising two children. Unable to leave Kaeko alone after Kaeko talks about the emptiness she feels every day, Takako follows her. But she gets drugged with sleeping pills and kidnapped by the hidden criminal … … Meanwhile, former fellow detective Takizawa Tamotsu (Takahashi Katsumi) is unable to contact Takako and worries about her. He presses Hoshino for an answer but Hoshino does not confess the truth. He finally pins down an apartment from a small lead and breaks in with Hirajima Maki (Shinoda Mariko). However, they discover the body of the criminal who has died in cold blood down there. Takizawa tries to find new clues, but Takako’s own life is in danger with each passing moment

Country: American

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama;

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