Kokoro no Kizu wo Iyasu to Iu Koto

Kokoro no Kizu wo Iyasu to Iu Koto

Other name: 心の傷を癒すということ こころのきずをいやすということ To Heal Wounds of Heart


An Kazutaka (Emoto Tasuku) is a young, bashful psychiatrist whose jazz piano skills are as good as a pro. He also has a love for records and books. He searches for his place in the world in his youth. But when he meets the cheerful Shuko (Ono Machiko), who becomes his wife, he finally feels at peace with himself. Right after they have their first child, the Great Hanshin Earthquake strikes. Although his family is affected by the disaster, he begins to search for what he can do as a psychiatrist. As he listens to the stories of disaster victims, he realises that he can help not by treating them, but restoring their capacity to heal. Later on, he compiles his observations of the disaster-hit area as a psychiatrist into a book, and wins a prize for social sciences. He sees this as a positive sign. However, one day when he is 39, he discovers that he has cancer.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Family; Historical; life; Tragedy;

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